The Principle of Villa Moretta

Villa Moretta Lake Como” reflects our values: the management of our hospitality activities is focused on increasing respect for our territory, whose undeniable beauty should lead everyone, inhabitants and visitors alike, to become its conscientious custodians.

We have therefore embarked on a path to reduce our environmental impact through practices that are friendly towards nature, which we wish to share with our guests.

Villa Moretta Landscape

Our commitment to sustainability

The infographics inside your flat are the easy way to help you reduce waste.

They are intuitive images that show you how to make the best use of the resources in your flat to avoid waste.

Through the infographics you can actively contribute to the protection of the environment.

Renewable Energy Solutions

  • Transition to renewable energy with solar thermal systems and induction hobs.
  • Advanced insulation thanks to high thermal efficiency of the roof and exterior cladding.
  • Electricity needs entirely covered by renewable sources thanks to the cooperation with a cooperative that provides us with green electricity.

Optimisation of Resources

  • Collaboration with local shops for bulk and unpacked products.
  • In-house laundry with class A++ devices for superior energy efficiency.
  • Smart irrigation systems that operate only when needed, conserving water.

Spicco initiative: bike workshop for guests

Promotion of sustainable mobility with the availability of an on-site bike workshop for the guest.

Partnership with Traveleco

Thanks to the partnership with Traveleco, Villa Moretta has made significant progress in sustainability, well reflected by the increase in the Traveleco Score from 36 to 60.

Our future vision

We have set short, medium and long-term sustainability targets for the following areas:

  • Energy: increasing energy independence by expanding self-production and implementing consumption monitoring and reduction;
  • Waste: plastic and packaging reduction initiative, with comprehensive waste recycling and composting management.
  • Water: rainwater harvesting to irrigate gardens and vegetable gardens.
  • Sustainable Mobility: promotion of alternatives to traditional mobility to reduce car use.
  • Emissions: commitment to reducing gas dependency by reducing consumption.
  • Territory and Social Inclusion: support for small local businesses and initiatives that enhance the territory’s natural and artistic heritage.

Thank you for joining us on this sustainable journey

Every stay contributes to our vision of a tourism that has care and respect for the land that welcomes it.

With your stay you are becoming part of the Villa Moretta Lake Como solution, where charm meets sustainability.